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Custom Packaging

custom packaging

Extensive packaging options

We provide professional packaging advice from the customer’s point of view.

White Box+Opp Bag

white box packaging is often a lower-cost packaging option for those on a limited budget.White box packaging can usually be produced in a relatively short period of time and is suitable for emergencies or short-term needs. It can also meet environmental requirements

Color Box

Color boxes usually have bright colors, beautiful design and attractive appearance, which can arouse the interest of consumers and increase the sales appeal of products.It can also show the brand better and sell as gifts

Paper pulp packaging

Pulp boxes can be used to package food, beverages, cosmetics, electronics and other retail goods. They usually have a sturdy construction and are suitable for heavy or fragile products.It’s an environmentally friendly and alternative packaging option.

PDQ packaging

This is one of the most expensive packaging options, but it is suitable for retail store customers

Custom Packaging

Egg Crate Board/Foam Packing

Egg Packing

It provides a sturdy packaging that prevents items from breaking during transportation and handling.Environmental Friendliness

Custom Gift Box Design

Custom Packaging

Stacking cups in a staggered manner to reduce transportation volume.

Custom Cylinder Box Design

Custom Cylinder Box Design
Custom Set Box Packaging

Custom Set Box Packaging

The advantages of a gift set box include visual appeal, combining multiple gifts, showcasing branding, convenience, personalization, adaptability, cost savings in packaging, and environmental sustainability by reducing multiple packaging needs.

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