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What is tritan renew

Crafted from 50% certified recycled content*, Tritan Renew material represents a breakthrough achieved through innovative molecular recycling techniques, effectively transforming hard-to-recycle plastic waste into fresh resources.

Distinguished by its employment of molecular recycling, Tritan Renew stands apart. Unlike conventional methods, this technology employs waste plastic, not fossil-based sources, as its foundational elements. By disassembling challenging plastic waste into its fundamental constituents, this approach engenders novel, untarnished materials.

In the pursuit of sustainability, Tritan Renew holds a pivotal role. By supplanting conventional fossil-based resources with recycled counterparts, it not only diverts plastic waste from landfills but also gradually curbs the release of greenhouse gases.

Tritan Renew not only echoes Eastman’s hallmark performance, quality, and safety standards but also boasts a distinctive eco-friendly essence. Its construction employs sustainable components, elevating its environmental impact.

*The attainment of recycled content rests upon a mass balance allocation process endorsed by ISCC., ensuring credibility and transparency.

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Food and Beverage Containers: Tritan Renew’s safety and BPA-free properties make it suitable for manufacturing food and beverage containers such as water bottles, travel mugs, food storage containers, and baby bottles.
Kitchen Utensils: Kitchen tools and utensils like spatulas, cutting boards, and mixing bowls can be made from Tritan Renew due to its durability and resistance to heat.
Household Items: Household products like reusable water pitchers, soap dispensers, and storage bins can be produced using Tritan Renew.

-40°C to 100°C

It can pass the FDA, LFGB, China National Quality Inspection Center testing.

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