How to engrave on a stainless steel water cup

Machine laser engraving

Laser printing technology is a printing method that utilizes the high energy held by a laser to print text and patterns directly onto the surface of a material. Compared to general ink printing, laser printing technology is an environmentally friendly decorative technology because it does not require peripheral equipment and therefore does not require the use of solvents. In addition, it utilizes the texture of the product itself for engraving, and the printed matter is not easily abraded and is highly valued.

Process Point

1.Since there is no need to use ink and solvents, or to perform cleaning or surface treatment, there is no need for peripheral equipment, storage equipment, waste solvents, and other treatment equipment, and the cost is low.

2.It is possible to depict delicate patterns and fine characters. However, it is not suitable for coated or bold characters.

3.Color and clarity are affected by the type (wavelength) of the laser and the combination of printing materials, and the colors that can be printed are limited. Multi-color and color printing is not possible

4.laser printing equipment is expensive and costly

5.Good abrasion resistance due to engraved printing

Laser printing principle

The laser light is absorbed by the irradiated object.

The absorbed laser energy will be converted into heat or cause photochemical reaction.

The irradiated part will be decomposed, evaporated, carbonized, discolored and foamed due to heat or chemical reaction.

Since the surrounding and color are different from the surface, we can clearly see the text or pattern.

laser machine

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